We participate in approximately forty international trade events related to furniture industry from across the globe. We distribute Furniture & Accessories USA at some of the most happening industry fairs staged across Americas. From each of the trade shows we distribute approximately 5,000 bonus copies in cd format.


Our Readers


Our readers’ database scales the widest range, from the micro to the macro level of the industry; from the common furniture makers in the small shops to the acknowledged designers of the high-end furniture.

  • Free distribution of the magazine in leading furniture fairs staged across America. Around 5000 cd’s are distributed throughout the year.

  • Through e-newsletter we reach approximately 90,000 readers per issue

  • Free download from,


Readership By Industry



27% Wholesaler/distributor/importer/
26% Furniture manufacturers
15% Furniture retailer/departmental/specialty store
12% Furniture accessories manufacturer
10% Furniture material/manufacturing techno/fabric supplier
10% Consultancies, design houses and others

Readership By Job-Function



28% Wholesaler/distributor/importer/
29% Furniture manufacturers
22% Furniture retailer/departmental/specialty store
21% Furniture accessories manufacturer

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