American home furnishings industry gets a sudden boost amidst challenging times

Published on : Friday, July 31, 2020

When the world business is threatened by the pandemic, uncertainties has accelerated e-commerce sector and eliminated challenges in manufacturing and home furnishing sector in America. E-commerce companies in the home furnishings industry recently mentioned that the pandemic has increased their advantage in the marketplace since digital-first technology proved to be necessary when many brick-and-mortar stores were closed earlier this year. At a time when people are working from home and investing in home office set up, it is creating news business scopes for the manufacturers.

“Although COVID-19 has actually been good for business as people spend more and more time at home, it has presented new challenges,” said Phantila Phataraprasit and Caitlin Ellen, co-founders of Sabai, a new DTC company that makes sofas in the U.S. with recycled, up-cycled and natural materials. “In this increasingly uncertain era, we are shifting to an inventory model as we work to prepare ourselves for the unexpected in the future,” they said. “Supply chains are easily affected by closures, and we want to be able to sustain our business without risking the health of our employees.”
E-commerce companies such as Industry West say that although it has had to adjust tactics, tools and messaging to react to the recent ebbs and flows, it has largely found itself at an advantage. “With stores closed and in-person shopping being generally kept to a minimum, several companies — from mom-and-pop stores to bigger brands — have had to quickly adapt from brick-and-mortar to click-and-order,” Leslie said.

Canadian-based modern furniture company Article said its online-only business model allowed the company to effectively respond to increased demand during the pandemic. “For example, we implemented contactless delivery as our default delivery option in 24 hours, and before other furniture retailers, both traditional and online,” said Aamir Baig, Article co-founder and CEO. “Once we established safety protocols, we were able to focus on our commitment to getting orders to customers. “We’ve experienced record levels of demand in March and April and were able to maintain service levels, a testament to our team’s customer obsession, specifically our frontline staff,” he added.

Baig said the company kept its customers updated on significant policy changes and network disruptions on a specific COVID page on the company website. “These efforts resulted in customer satisfaction ratings at an all-time high in April 2020, up 28% from before COVID-19.” Many e-commerce companies say that from a supply chain perspective, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for them to create a more efficient timeline.
E-commerce giant Wayfair said it has been working to continue to serve customers across two continents that are navigating the new realities, while managing a global complex supply chain and supporting government and community efforts to fight the virus. “Although we are all eager for return to normal, we do believe that this unprecedented situation has highlighted the many differentiated advantages we have built as the e-commerce leader in home over the past two decades,” said Niraj Shah, Wayfair co-founder and CEO during the company’s recent quarterly earnings call.

With new hopes and business scopes, “We originally planned to launch our outdoor furniture collection in the spring of 2021, but as COVID-19 impacted daily lifestyles and individuals started to spend more time at home and outdoors, our design team made a quick pivot, launching six new rattan pieces this past June perfect for outdoor living,” said Roxy Te, founder and creative director of Society Social, a focused line of fun pieces from colorful bar carts to playful accent tables. “We also expanded our outdoor entertaining category online and at our Charlotte location with a fresh selection of glassware, dinnerware, Turkish towels, planters and easy pick-me-ups.” He added further

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