Baker Interiors Group associates with MicroD LLC for 3D product catalog

Published on : Saturday, September 29, 2018

MicroD LLC, a provider of 3D product visualization solutions for the home furnishings industry, recently announced that Baker Interiors Group has selected MicroD’s OmniVueXR Services to create 3D product models and images of products in its current catalog. With MicroD’s experience in producing high-quality product visualizations, proprietary process, industry knowledge and attractive pricing, Baker Interiors Group decided MicroD was the best fit for their digital initiative.


As soon as the partnership was finalized, Baker challenged MicroD with an urgent and high-priority project aimed to support one of its key overseas customers. Taking an “all hands-on deck” approach, MicroD produced and delivered the solution creating 3D upholstery and casegood product models within a fraction of the time would have taken Baker through alternative methods. This was made possible due to the proprietary process MicroD has developed.


This collective effort to complete the Baker 3D catalog came as no surprise to MicroD’s Vice President of Operations, Keith Johns. “Our extremely skilled group of 3D Modelers utilizing our innovative and proven proprietary process are conditioned to push the envelope on process efficiencies and ways to shorten the project output cycle. We’ve created a team-based structure that is the most effective in the Home Furnishings industry,” explains Johns.


Each 3D model must be carefully crafted to articulate the wood, fabric and lighting intricacies that a customer expects to see on a real, physical piece of furniture. Chief Product Officer at MicroD, Richard Sexton, emphasizes that “the Baker name is synonymous with heirloom quality furniture, and we are delighted that MicroD was able to create 3D models capturing all of the details, from hardware to rich wood finishes, that define this high-end collection.”


This sentiment was echoed by Baker’s Communications Manager, Andrew Burkhart, “MicroD really impressed us with the quality of the 3D models and their exceptional project performance. We are even more confident in our decision to partner with MicroD as our provider for digital asset creation.”


Baker Interiors Group is embracing its role as an industry innovator and MicroD is energized to support its efforts. MicroD will continue to develop the full catalog of current Baker products and update their 3D model library with new items as they are released. The partners have already discussed future plans to implement additional online product visualization software tools.

Source: furniture world


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