Bestar-Bush plans expansion to meet demand in office segment

Published on : Saturday, July 18, 2020

One of the RTA furniture specialists Bestar-Bush is all set to expand its domestic operations due to the growing demand in both the commercial and home office segments. Recently after experiencing 30% increase in business during the first half of the year, the company said the expansion is necessary to fulfill customer demands.

Due to uncertainties the company was forced to Jamestown plant and suspended operations for roughly two months, reopening around mid-June. As its inventory was diminished during that period, the company is now producing to order as quickly as possible. “In the very beginning when people were first going home, it was more weighted toward residential furniture,” said Mark Weppner, executive vice president of marketing, design and engineering, noting that due to requests for desks and companion storage pieces a lot of  inventory was sold. “Corporate projects were put somewhat on hold, but what we have seen in last 35 to 40 days is that coming back as businesses have begun to reopen.” But Weppner noted that while residential Small Office Home Office groups continue to be in demand, there is also demand from consumers for commercial grade office that is not only durable, but that is aesthetically pleasing.

In the office segment specifically, Weppner noted, the company is addressing two avenues of future work habits, including open space designs in corporate settings and work-at-home solutions. “We are part of a program that offers a curated list of products that would make sense for work-at- home environment,” Weppner said, of desks, seating and storage items that are scaled towards residential use but are “of commercial grade so they don’t wear it out at home and that also have some aesthetic choices they can marry to the style of their home vs. one size fits all.”

In the past, he said, working from home was specific to certain industries such as customer service. But now, thanks to developments in digital technologies, communications among departments and colleagues has gotten much easier from home.

“We are increasing our spending and communication talking about work-from-home programs to solicit new business and to help customers who don’t know how to address this problem because they have never had it before,” Weppner said of the changes spurred by COVID-19. 

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