COREtec celebrates 10 Years with Design REVOLUTION

Published on : Saturday, March 19, 2022

Exciting new releases and product features are on the horizon for COREtec in 2022. And behind many of these new introductions is COREtec’s 2022 design theme – REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION is the ethos by which COREtec designed and developed products in 2022. At its CORE, REVOLUTION means giving consumers the opportunity to rethink what is possible and to reimagine what a floor can bring to both the design and function of a space.

Empowered by Innovation

True to the COREtec brand, this new design theme for 2022 is best viewed through the lens of innovation. The technologies born out of a REVOLUTION mindset directly consider the benefits most currently sought by modern households – comfort, quiet, authenticity and versatility—and deliver solutions that help retailers meet those needs for their customers.

Charla Pettingill, Shaw’s director of creative product design for residential hard surfaces, hammered this point home by stating, “The new constructions that flow out of this design theme will allow for more realistic visuals and larger pattern repeats, as well as more warmth and comfort underfoot.”

Inspired by Bold Design

Pettingill made it clear that COREtec wants to help bolster self-expression, stating, “From a visual standpoint, I would say this design theme gives individuals more options to customize their spaces based on their unique preferences. They can go subtle, or they can go bold. They can go traditional, or they can go modern. At COREtec, style is about originality and being true to what’s in your core.”

COREtec has launched nine new colors this year that feature its integrated bevel technology, with further acoustic and design innovations on the horizon.

“Our ultimate goal is to inspire consumers to revolutionize their spaces and encourage them to visit their local flooring retailer to explore the latest innovations and designs from COREtec,” Pettingill shared.

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