Essential Home brings The Great Gatsby inspired collection

Published on : Monday, December 10, 2018

Based on the amazing work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann is a movie that fantastically depicts the classic style of the 20’s. Essential Home is taking this cinematographic masterpiece to inspire one with amazing mid-century modern design one will want to apply to their home decor this instant!


Nothing says “The Great Gatsby” quite like tones of gold. Kelly bar chair took its amazing inspiration from the bar on the movie Casablanca, so it’s no surprise it fits perfectly with The Great Gatsby. Stylish, comfortable and with the right amount of luxury, this bar chair looks straight out of a Hollywood movie. However, it could be in your home in no time, oozing personality and uniqueness.


When someone picture the famous scene of Jay Gatsby lifting his glass as fireworks erupt behind him, on the movie The Great Gatsby, she can’t help but see edginess, power and strong personality in that character. Reeves chair is just like that, a piece of luxury design that almost seems futuristic, but that undeniably presents its mid-century features in the best way possible. Sophisticated with its leather and brass structure, it’s impossible to resist.


The parties in the movie were as extravagant as they were beautiful. Rich color schemes were able to be found in the different frames of this party scene, but what really caught our eye was the dancing on the pool, the navy and baby blue, such beautiful colors that made this an even more enjoyable movie. Mansfield bar chair was the right choice to pair with this scene, a blue velvet chair with a gold polished brass leg, stylish and comfortable.


Attractive and charming, hiding a sensitive interior, Daisy Buchanan was one of our favorite characters in The Great Gatsby, a powerful female character with a complex personality. Monocles dressing table fits her perfectly, a feminine furniture piece with undeniable glamour that will be a focus point on any woman’s bedroom.


The blue inspiration never stops, this time with the stunning Collins dining chair in a beautiful baby blue leather that calls out to the design lover in us. Designed with a classic retro chic feel, it comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. No one can resist Collins.


A dining chair in white leather is enough to remind us of The Great Gatsby or even Jay Gatsby himself. This Loren dining chair is the personification of glamour and luxury at the dinner table. Its sleek look can be compared to the space age aesthetics, usually designed with bright colors and basic white. However, we feel it fits just right with the classic and ever so aesthetic look of the 20’s.


Nothing screams mid-century like a velvet sofa, and Sophia does just that. With this specific scene of the movie, we couldn’t help but think Sophia was the perfect choice to put it side by side with. Tones of gold and pink were enough to help us make this choice for you, and we couldn’t be more proud of this inspiration we’re giving you now.


Source: Essential Home


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