Hansgrohe introduces new bathroom solutions in 2017

Published on : Friday, September 28, 2018

Hansgrohe, in collaboration with Phoenix Design, is bringing a suite of stylish and eco-conscious lavatory solutions to the market. The Talis E and Talis S lines mark the first time Select technology is available in Hansgrohe’s bathroom faucet category. The Select feature allows for intuitive operation and increased freedom of movement around the sink. Characterized by clean lines and a seamless transition of spout to faucet body, the Talis E line features a flat silhouette, while the Talis S line has a round, conical shape.


Ryan Ramaker, Director of Product Development, says, “Faucet and sink combinations should not only harmonize in terms of style, but also in terms of practical, everyday use. Versatility and sink compatibility were tested in Hansgrohe’s Black Forest facility, where the products were paired with a wide range of different basins from leading manufacturers. The resulting collection is dynamic and comprehensive.”


Select Offers Seamless Operation

Faucet operation is seamless and convenient with the Select feature. In the Talis Select S and E faucets, the flow of water is turned on and off with a touch of the Select button, which can be engaged with the forearm, elbow, etc. Purely mechanical, this functionality does not require electricity or other devices in the base cabinet, making it easy to install and maintain. What’s more, its push button operation encourages users to turn the water off during tasks like brushing teeth, thereby helping to save water.


Talis Conserves Resources

The entire Talis range integrates Hansgrohe’s EcoRight feature, resulting in a low flow rate of 1.2 GPM. EcoRight products employ Hansgrohe’s air injection technology, which mixes air with water for a more voluminous spray. The available CoolStart function ensures that pipes are not needlessly filled with warm water and those continuous-flow heaters and circulation pumps do not start up unless they are really needed. When the handle is set to the middle position, only cold water flows from the tap. For hot water, the handle must be

turned to the left.

Complementary Tub Fittings

New Talis S and E fittings for the tub and bidet are available to complement the new lavatory faucets. This assortment includes three and four hole roman tub spout trims, freestanding tub fillers, and tub spouts.


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