HDsurface and David Lopez Quincoces offerd subtle shade variations

Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

HDsurface partners with designer David Lopez Quincoces to create ColorSystem by D.L.Q.,  a new colour palette for use in the company’s four most successful collections. The company has revolutionised the concept of covering, by creating a variety of innovative continuous surfaces, all with a pure, eco-friendly formula of water, earths and pigments; colour becomes the overarching theme of the project, that aims to generate an authentic, vibrant dialogue between man and space. PerfectCombination, CoverHD, GeoTexture and GeoOutdoor are united by colour to extend the HDsurface catalogue with surfaces that can satisfy every client’s aesthetic and functional needs. The Spanish designer has built the whole work around a range where the interplay of textures and subtle colour variation, light and shade alternate to enhance tactile appeal.

Black and white, neutral tones that become the main feature, and shades of grey that fuse with hints of white are the predominant part of the ColorSystem by D.L.Q. which are made to add an emotional charge to contemporary living.

In addition to neutral colours, strong shades, bold proposals ranging from blue to yellow and from green to red feature in the new range – aesthetics that appear to be far removed from each other but actually turn out to have a harmonious affinity. A collection where all stylistic choices converge to be harmonious and complement one another. Deep dark blue, which covers the surfaces, respecting every detail and characteristic of them like a custom-made tailored suit – elegant and timeless. Bright, solid red, darker than brickwork and evocative of garnet, a fiery crystal that is a symbol of passion; shades of green, with varying robustness, a versatile colour with a vibrant personality.

A journey of research into colour and natural materials, creating a unique range of products with outstanding performance, versatility and appearance, an offering that is designed to make one never tire of the colours in their day-to-day life.

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