Hickory Springs expands its bedding footprint

Published on : Monday, January 6, 2020

Hickory Springs is all set to expand its bedding footprint this year. The Hickory Springs the Bedding Unit, a part of HSM is gearing up to expand its business in bedding footprint section and offer better services to customers.



“HSM is making strategic business investments to grow our footprint in the bedding category and help our manufacturing partners,” as said by Tim Witherell, vice president and general manager of the Hickory Springs Bedding Unit. “We recently added two new facilities to serve the bedding market and expand our innerspring capabilities in North Carolina and Arizona.”


Some of their prominent bedding products in this section includes, choice of mattresses, bed rails & frames, bedding supply components, innersprings, fiber batting, microcoils, fabric encased coils. Offering inspiring products and bedding components is their forte. HS Bedding is popular for its exclusive line of fabric that offers maximum comfort though apt cushioning, encased microcoils, etc. The brand further supports customer need by offering customizable foam to enhance sleeping surfaces to meet customer dreams.


He further added that that the company has enhanced its capacity at its existing facilities and detailed on the same stating, “We continue to invest in our legacy facilities and have expanded capacity to support new options for our micro comfort-layer fabric-encased coils,” Witherell said. “Our micro product line is an excellent solution for traditional as well as hybrid mattresses, and we continue to see strong growth in this area.”




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