High Point Market Authority purchases public art for the Market District

Published on : Saturday, September 29, 2018

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) has purchased the four kinetic art sculptures located around the Market District in High Point’s downtown area in an effort to advance a beautification project that begun in 2015 – the High Point City Art Project.


Three of the sculptures were created by Carrboro, NC, artist Mike Roig and one piece was created by Atlanta artist Phil Proctor. They were installed originally in the spring of 2016 on loan from the artists, but will now remain a permanent part of the city’s landscape.


Kinetic means that the sculptures move with the wind. Proctor’s sculpture, “Comet”, stands 12 feet tall and weighs about 2,000 pounds. It is located on W. Commerce Street adjacent to the Natuzzi building. Roig’s pieces include “Chalice” and “Passionatus”, both of which weigh in at around 600 pounds and stand 10 feet tall, and “Beautiful Whirled”, which weighs 1,400 pounds and is 15 feet tall. Two of Roig’s pieces were placed in the pocket park in front of the 200 Steele Building at the intersection of Hamilton Ave, English Avenue, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, and the third piece was placed across from the headquarters of Stanley Furniture at Hamilton Ave and English Ave.


Tom Conley, president and CEO of the HPMA, commented, “We highly value the public art project as it is something that can be mutually enjoyed by High Point citizens as well as High Point Market attendees. When we came to the end of our 2016-17 fiscal year with a small surplus, thanks to the diligent work of our sponsorship team surpassing their goal, and with the end of the loans for the sculptures quickly approaching, the board decided this was perfect timing for such an investment.”


Dorothy Darr, executive director of the Southwest Renewal Foundation, added, “We believe that public art improves design, appeal and accessibility of public spaces of all kinds, enhancing their social and practical uses and potentiates other concurrent events and activities in town to create an environment of greater interest and appreciation for our Market visitors, as well as for residents and tourists.”


Greg Demko, city manager for the City of High Point, revealed, “Plans are in the works to add to the Market District collection, and I am hopeful others will see the benefits and invest in expanding the public art program throughout our High Point.”


The inaugural City Art Project debuted in October 2014. It featured seven locations throughout downtown High Point, including three in the Market district, and displayed outdoor stone sculptures from local artist Charles B. “Chuck” Foster. Since their debut, two sculptures have sold and another is currently on an extended lease.


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