TrendWatch to unveil High Point Market latest

Published on : Tuesday, August 23, 2022

International Market Centers TrendWatch forecasts 3 new trends to be seen. These three trends are namely modernity, midnight, entwine. These three trends are not only close with the product range but also project the ideas of the product quite efficiently.

These will be seen as exhibited in IMC’s 17 properties from October 22-26, 2022. This will be shown in the premarket webinar. A digital flipbook, an onsite seminar and tour and in three onsite product displayed will project the themes quite distinctly. Dorothy Belshaw who is the IMC executive vice president, chief customer and marketing officer said “From dark and moody to light and pastel with neutrals in between, the fall 2022 TrendWatch showcases of the range of product available from IMC’s High Point exhibitors,”

These three trends are targeted to different types of customers. Three major themes are as follows.

Entwine: This is a range of product that celebrates casual comfort, quiet moments as well as celebrate the favourite spaces. The collection is majorly created with natural materials, biophilic design concept and comfortable textiles. The product directs the clarity and purpose that every customer requires. The products include various furniture, furnishing that features fresh, intricate woven designs and warm wood finishes which is both indoor and outdoor furniture. This is a category that majorly soothes and lights up the room.

Midnight: This range is majorly concentrating on the deep, moody hues and moon-lit blues and blacks, deep resonates with the deep feeling of the mid night. The products are categorized to be sophisticated, modish, lo-fi vibes and sci-fi throwbacks could be seen. The relevant products include upholstery, warm neutrals, burnished metals and shapely lighting. The category celebrates the dark hues.

Modernity: This is a category that proves versatility, charm and appeal for the home furnishing, especially for the latest expression for go to-to hues that are confident, playful interiors. Soft or saturated the colours range from pink, purple, blue and greens. The relevant products includes dining furniture, especially designs and wall covers and, especially the matte finishes, metal, upholstery and wall decors.

The event will host the newly arrived products along this line. The authorities believe this will help categorising the products in the similar range to attract businessmen as well as retailers.

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