Homescale is all set to launch Liberty Ocean Chair

Published on : Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Liberty Ocean Chair, officially launching on Wed, July 14, is made with 2 pounds of reclaimed ocean fishing nets and joins the company’s Smart Ocean chair as one of the first-ever task chairs to utilize this material. The manufacturing of Liberty Ocean directly supports clean oceans by utilizing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing nets that damage delicate ecosystems and the marine life that inhabit them while also creating a net positive impact to the Earth.

Similar to the beloved Liberty task chair, this new release features the same innovative mesh technology providing unparalleled, self-adjusting and customizable support while utilizing more sustainable manufacturing practices that look after both the wellbeing of workers and the planet itself.

Liberty Ocean is also one of 25 products within Humanscale’s product range certified by Living Products Challenge (LPC), considered the most advanced sustainability standard for products. This certification verifies that the manufacturing process for each of these sustainably made products has a positive environmental impact. Humanscale is the first company ever to offer any product—let alone 25—that is certified climate, energy and water positive.

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