Jaipur Living brings Patton Rug

Published on : Monday, September 9, 2019

Jaipur Living’s Patton rug from the Valor collection evokes a sense of “serenity, wellness, well being and mindfulness,” making it a perfect example of “Focus” – one of the three home furnishings trends within International Market Center’s TrendWatch Fall 2019 program at High Point Market, Oct. 19 to 23.


TrendWatch aims to present interior design trends by way of products available at High Point Market. The seasonal program kicks off with an opening-day seminar and three on-site trend displays.


This season’s three TrendWatch trends are:

Focus: “A look at color, material and nature as a mindset, all against a backdrop of serene, yet powerful, colors.”


Drenching: “A crash course on sophistication and easy elegance” by way of color blocking, with a tilt on violet, citrus, moody blues and upbeat green hues.


Animalier: “A cross of artistry and classical design with a mysterious, colorful jungle landscape…better-end finishing and materials, classical motifs, fauna and flora of exotic locals, and rich, elegant and beguiling colors.”


Jaipur Living’s Patton rug will be part of TrendWatch’s “Focus” display in Showplace, where the company’s showroom is located in suite 3300.


Source: Furniture Today


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