KE innovates new range of natural lighting solution: Screeny innovative system

Published on : Saturday, September 29, 2018

What is daylighting?

Daylighting is the practice of using architecture in placement of windows, other openings, and reflective surfaces so that sunlight (direct or indirect) can provide effective internal lighting. Particular attention is given to daylighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximize visual comfort or to reduce energy use.

A green oriented philosophy that uses sun light as a fundamental source to illuminate the environment, both commercial and residential, dosing power and regulating intensity.

•    Sun light as primary light source
•    Appropriate control of natural lighting
•    Visual environment quality
•    Saving energy

Daylighting has its benefits:
•    Functionality
•    Ecological
•    Aesthetically
•    Economics

With higher awareness about using natural light and saving energy, KE presents a new range of products to satisfy this need: Screeny innovative system.

A constant commitment to research and innovation makes our Exterior Solar Shades suitable to cover any window integrating seamlessly into modern architecture, while providing top quality performance, and achieving higher standards.

What makes this system unique is the variety of guides and cassettes at its disposal:

• Guide rod
• Guide wire
• Guide profile
• Guide profile zip
• Guide recessed zip

Available in 4’, 5’, 6’, or non-cassette, our Exterior Screen is protected by patents of invention and design, to determine the quality and the high potential of the product.

Product details

Exterior Screens 4”, 5”, 6” and Tension Screen

Product advantages:

•    Cassette options
•    Modular tensioning system
•    Easy Installation
•    Single Box profile / double installation
•    Waterproof and wind tolerant
•    Patented design
•    Versatile


Cassette Options

•    Retracts into an optional self-storing cassette housing
•    Fully protects the fabric on the inside
•    Can be easily inspected to ensure quick awning maintenance.

Modular system
Screen cassette line, patented by BAT allows:
•    Double installation for wall/ceiling
•    A single profile cassette
•    Easy accessibility
•    Quick maintenance of the awning even in special conditions

Easy access:
Cover profile with easy access ensures a fast maintenance of the fabric even in special condition such as the pocket installation (Screeny 4” and 5”).

Design and Innovation

Exterior Screens is a combination of high industrial technology protected by patents and design. The wide range of models allows you to offer the best and most suitable solution for any environment.

Vertex Screen System
Vertex uses special guides zip and is equipped with a tensioning spring system contained in the hem bar. These features make the model extremely versatile, allowing a double installation: vertical wall (guide internal or external), horizontally as shading externally or internally to glass roofs, or as pergola leaning with the front columns.

Available in 5” cassette.

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