KnollTextiles presents the Hallmark Collection

Published on : Saturday, September 29, 2018

KnollTextiles is excited to announce Hallmark, the third and final collection in a series highlighting archive inspired product in celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary.


The Hallmark Collection continues this year’s focus on textural solid upholsteries, paying homage to Florence Knoll’s original vision of modern textiles, with the introduction of Juno, Overture and Calypso. Juno takes its inspiration from the archive Kyoto, launched in 1966. The dynamic multi toned Calypso upholstery is also approved for wrapped panel application. Cleo is the impactful large-scale upholstery pattern in the collection.


Hallmark offers products that easily transition from commercial to hospitality and residential interiors including 118” wide sheer drapery Lorelei.


There are 2 high performance multi-use wallcoverings in the Hallmark Collection. Acme is woven vinyl coated polyester available in 9 colors. Apollo is the latest offering in KnollTextiles’ 24/7 line of 100% woven polyethylene textiles for extreme performance at the wall. Apollo is PVC free, competitively priced and made in the USA. Both Acme and Apollo are available backed for direct glue wallcovering and unbacked for wrapped panel application. Scrubbable and durable, these are excellent solutions for high traffic interiors.


The Hallmark Collection is comprised of 3 solid and 1 large scale patterned upholsteries in 30 colors. The collection also includes 1 wide width sheer and 2 high-performance multi-use woven wallcoverings.



Juno is based on KnollTextiles archival upholstery Kyoto launched in 1966. Juno is beyond a basic solid upholstery fabric. The use of novelty yarn combined with the weave structure elevates Juno with luster, depth and texture. In response to design firms requesting finish free product for enhanced sustainability, Juno has no topical finish.


Overture is a high-performance upholstery with high abrasion and recycled content. Space dyed boucle yarn gives Overture texture and visual interest. This well priced upholstery offers classic saturated tones and lends itself to corporate and education markets.


Calypso is a multi-use fabric approved for upholstery and wrapped panel application. Two types of novelty yarns, an allover boucle yarn and tri-colored space dyed yarn, along with the weave structure give Calypso a dynamic textural appearance with multiple tones blended and twisted together. It is random but controlled. The palette is split between saturated colors and warm/cool neutrals. This high-performance upholstery is well priced falling into the KT line of affordable modern design.


Cleo is an Ikat style stripe woven on a linen-like ground. The same novelty yarn used to weave Juno creates the pattern of Cleo giving it subtle luster and texture. The palette is comprised of warm/cool neutrals and mineral tones on a neutral ground. This is a great corporate to hospitality to residential crossover upholstery.


One won’t be able to resist the siren song of Lorelei. This lovely 118” wide sheer was developed with the hospitality market in mind. It has a linen like appearance with slight luster in a palette of warm/cool neutrals and mineral tones with the inclusion of on trend warm metallic tones.


Acme is a woven non-phthalate vinyl wallcovering available backed for direct glue wallcovering and unbacked for wrapped panel application. Acme is durable and bleach cleanable. It is designed for high traffic interiors. The Acme yarn is treated with an antimicrobial technology at the polymer level to inhibit the growth of microorganisms making it an excellent choice for the healthcare market.


Apollo is the fifth 24/7 product to launch from KnollTextiles in the last 12 months! This is a multi-use 100% woven polyethylene textile offering extreme performance for the wall. It is PVC free, competitively priced and made in the USA. Cleanable and durable, Apollo is an excellent solution for high traffic interiors in every market segment. Apollo is available in warm/cool neutrals and mineral tones. It also includes an on-trend warm metallic option.


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