KOKET unveiled Grandmillenial Style designer trends for 2021

Published on : Saturday, February 6, 2021

KOKET unveiled Home designing trends 2021 ina grand way, with their all new grandmillenial style. The ‘grandmillenial’, it is essentially transitional style, it a unique mix of traditional and modern. And while this look has never really been out, it is definitely a home design trend in 2020 that will be lasting into 2021 as the millennial generation continues to embrace it. Also referred to as “grandma or granny chic” for the way it takes old school style and updates it, grandmillenial style is eclectic and curated with an appreciative eye for all eras of design. Inspired by past and present, a number of the luxury decor brand KOKET’s designs are perfectly suited for the unique and characterful grandmillenial style.

“I love taking risks and turning heads! And I live to empower through design, content and experiences. So, I created KOKET, born from my interior design business and branding agency DeMorais International, and the inspiration for my lifestyle magazine Love Happens and e-home decor boutique My Object of Desire.

Adding a touch of opulence in the living room will be easy with the all new collection from KOKET. The elegant sofa in medieval velvet purple and a side lamp on the corner table will create w perfect combination for relaxing in a majestic way while flipping through the favorite novel from yester year.

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