LA Studio presents ageless and contemporary home design

Published on : Saturday, September 29, 2018

In a magnificent building in Madrid, L.A. Studio has left its imprint, creating a timeless and contemporary design:  with marbles, velvets, brass and an exquisite selection of pieces of the XX.


“The owners were regular customers and we ended, after the reform, for taking a lot of care”, begins Carlos López, owner of the Madrid furniture store and antique dealer L.A. Studio and architect of the transformation of this manor house of the early twentieth century.


The apartment was an architectural treasure: generous French windows with old wooden carpentry, high ceilings, natural light drunk and a total of 450 square meters divided into large rooms connected to each other around a central courtyard.


“Obviously at the time of the restoration his lineage was respected: the moldings, the doors and the checkerboard floor of the entrance are the original ones,” explains the antiquarian.


But where really L.A. Studio played a stellar role in the home decor. Here they had total creative freedom and contributed to the good shell a current but exquisite interior. “Our goal, and following the tastes and indications of the family, was to create a comfortable space, away from the tyranny of design for design, where it converged a perfect balance between today’s pieces with others of the XX, antiquities and contemporary art.


Int he main hall, the Italian octagonal pedestal table of the 40 for which the interior designer created a marquetry of different marbles that acts as an envelope, establishing an analogy with the pavement.


“The basis of the project revolves around eclecticism, the mixture of eras and styles, but which achieve a perfect dialogue with each other. Many of the furniture came from his previous home and others are new acquisitions. ”


Source: Boca do Lobo


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