Libby Langdon to debut new collections in spite of COVID-19

Published on : Monday, December 28, 2020

With a vision to grow and succeed amidst all odds, designer Libby Langdon decided to debut the new product at Premarket and fall High Point Market after its initial launch in October 2019, Langdon knew there would be challenges to face during a market seemingly defined by the coronavirus pandemic.

Utilizing the designer’s natural skill behind the camera. To keep things personal, Langdon filmed a series of videos to highlight the new collection on social media and beyond. According to Langdon, it was “important to recreate the connection she feels when she walks buyers, retailers and designers” through the “Libby Zone” of the showroom.

“One of my favorite parts about High Point Market is talking with people about the new pieces,” said Langdon. “I like getting feedback on the product and sharing how my designs are inspired by what my design clients are wanting.”

On the social media side, Langdon took to the Instagram platform, releasing several Instagram Live segments where she walked through the showroom sharing new releases. In addition to those, Langdon also Zoomed and Facetimed with buyers, designers and High Point Market Style Spotters. “I wanted folks that could not attend the market to see the new product and experience it all as if they were walking through the showroom with me,” Langdon said.

In today’s world, she added, it is crucial to be able to promote the collection from a virtual setting, so Fairfield also used a virtual tour feature that was added to their website viewing during market. 

“It’s important, now more than ever, to form a connection with people and to tell the story behind the product,” said Langdon. “Sharing information is what my brand is built upon, much like quality craftsmanship and value is what the Fairfield brand is built upon. I want to share product information, design inspiration, and sales motivation.”


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