Manitoga NY is hosting an installation with MAGAZZINO Italian art

Published on : Tuesday, July 19, 2022

MANITOGA / Russel Wright Design Center (Garrison, NY) is hosting an installation organized in cooperation with MAGAZZINO ITALIAN ART:

Formafantasma at Manitoga’s Dragon Rock: Designing Nature

Included in the selection of works by Formafantasma in dialogue with the House, Studio and landscape at Manitoga is the Migration Gazza rug, depicting, through a sophisticated embroidery, a magpie which seems to take flight towards the surrounding wood.

The rug, designed by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin for NODUS, is born from a research inspired by the work of 19th century ornithologist Jan James Audubon. It forms, together with two others rugs – the Aquila (Eagle) and the Pettirosso (Robin) – the Migration limited edition tryptic, an ode to nature, to the art of the traditional Portuguese needlepoint and to the know-how of the master weavers of the ethically-certified manufacturing centers selected by NODUS.

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