Massage chair for good health and absolute relaxation

Published on : Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Massage chairs gained a sudden recognition in the market since the past few years. During lockdown and followed by work from home scenario the demand surged further. People residing more indoors and working from home based set up followed. This new normal set up caused less body movement and demanded more focus on health and fitness regime, in which massage played a significant role by offering absolute relaxation and muscle comfort. This scenario triggered demand of massage chair in the market and brands came up with best quality products.

Even as more motion-seating and recliner vendors incorporate health-related functions such as massage and heat, the massage chair category has been hot in its own right, especially over the past year. This more specialized category has lessons for “mainstream” manufacturers of motion upholstery, especially when it comes to accuracy in relaying potential health benefits on the sales floor. Cozzia USA’s parent company is owned by the leading Chinese manufacturer of wellness seating and other smaller health- and wellness-related products, which continuously conducts extensive research on the benefits of functions such as massage and heat.

Infinity Massage Chairs’ sales force also works with retailers to help them convey potential health and wellness benefits. “That’s a big part of how we sell it now; this is no longer a rich man’s toy,” said Director of Business Development and National Accounts Michael Milone. “The massage chair industry is growing 30% every year.” When it comes to approaching furniture retailers, Milone sees a correlation between massage chairs and motion furniture.

“When we’re getting into a store, we’re dealing with the motion furniture buyer, and a lot of our reps are motion furniture reps for other manufacturers, as well,” he said. As far as promoting health and wellness on retail floors, Milone said to watch what you claim. “You can’t say ‘It’s going to fix you,’” he noted. “You certainly can talk about massage’s benefits for increasing blood flow and relaxation, and immune systems.” With Infinity chairs at Delaware Sleep Disorders Assn. locations, for example, Milone said they’ve proven beneficial.


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