Meritt Designs’ redesigns trade show booth at 2020 Winter Markets

Published on : Friday, February 7, 2020

Merritt Designs recently announced that a full redesign of its trade show booth display debuted during the 2020 Winter Markets. Featuring an open concept for Merritt’s luxury melamine and acrylic lines, the display includes revamped graphics, larger shelving and contemporary styling. New branding and illuminated glass shelf displays were incorporated into the portable booth design. The updated booth, a part of the sales presentation for the 2020 introductions from Merritt, was debuted during the Dallas, Atlanta and Las Vegas Markets, and will be a part of the upcoming New York NOW Home and Gift Market.


“With our new designer melamine and acrylic collections, we are excited to showcase each in a retail-friendly manner,” said Eric Damer, Owner, Merritt Designs. “The winter markets are important to our brand and our sales to the home and gift category. The revamp will create a clean and attractive presentation for our total product offering.” Eric concluded.


The new display incorporates a rose background coloration with large illuminated lifestyle images featuring the designer melamine products. Large shelving units allowed for displaying products in color stories as well as grouped by designers.


Source: Furniture World


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