A mid-century modern home in Seattle sets tropical vibe

Published on : Monday, December 24, 2018

Living Room from Essential Home traveled all the way to Seattle to find the home of Cassie Daughtrey, renovated by her and her husband. The house dated back to the 50’s and 70’s, but it now features a mid-century modern style that is undeniably charming.


Cassie’s home is as welcoming as any other. Simple but holding a mid-century modern dream inside that is Cassie’s own little secret. Today, we’re unveiling that secret for you and showing you the beauty of this 50’s home with a modern twist you’ll absolutely adore.


“My husband put his heart and soul into this home. His literal blood, sweat and tears helped build everything we have,” Cassie says. As you enter the house, you understand just why Cassie is so proud of it. The abundance of nature and natural light paired with incredible furniture pieces that bring peace and identity to the home is enough to brighten our spirits.


When it comes to decorating, Cassie recommends taking your time: “Don’t feel like you have to fill your space. Start by understanding who you are.” As you enter her living room, you feel like you’re part of her life, like you just entered into a portion of her personality. This is exactly what every home should feel like, a piece of the person’s heart and a touch of modernity with a mix of styles, materials and memories.


“This used to be a tiny nook of a kitchen. There was no room for a dishwasher, no cabinet space [and] no counter space. It was a mess. We took down walls, put in an island, converted the back nook to a pantry and [now] it’s truly a dream kitchen.”  Cassie Daughtrey.


Featuring a fun backsplash and beautiful bright colors, this kitchen is not only trendy but incredibly modern, even featuring Pantone’s Color of the year 2019: Living Coral.


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