Modus brings solutions to social distancing through digitization

Published on : Monday, March 30, 2020

In the midst of this crazy storm that is indiscriminately affecting each and every one of us, here at Modus they have two tiny bits of happy news. So, if you are stuck at home and need to escape COVID-19 for two minutes, here’s a little bit of suggestions through which you can work safely and happily from the remote set up. The new collection of seats, enhances comfort level and is aimed at improving home work environment in a simple way. The all new range is launched through online platform making it easier to browse while staying isolated at home. Avoiding rush is simple and easy as the brand has decided to connect with customers on the digital platform and grow business.



Take a Seat – Digital Launch


During this period of distancing ourselves physically from one another we have had to adapt and have a rethink about our planned product launch. Thankfully, we are a pretty flexible team and modern technology has made it a lot easier to press ahead with a virtual launch that helps keep us at a safe distance. Keep your eyes open across all digital channels for the launch of five new products from some of our old friends and new partnerships. We have some exciting digital content in the pipeline and as soon as everything goes back to normal we will be inviting you to literally ‘take a seat’, in the meantime we will be asking you to figuratively join us in the digital realm to celebrate our new ranges, in this, our 20th anniversary year.



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