Planner5D- Innovative design tools simplify designing and floor planning

Published on : Monday, December 2, 2019

New tools are a perfect innovation to simplify interior design and floor plan activities. Planner5D’s new tools make designing work effortless. Anyone can use tech to create floor plans and interior designs with Planner5D, an artificial-intelligence-powered home design tool, has unveiled immersive interior walkthrough capabilities that are now available on all Apple iOS 13 products.


The new augmented reality extension lets users generate pop-up 3D models of interior design projects created in Planner 5D and overlay them with real-world scenes. Users can then use virtual reality to step directly into their interiors and see how their designs might look. The feature also lets users participate in collaborative sessions by sharing virtualized projects on multiple devices when they are in close proximity to each other.


“This launch aims to enable users who are not professional designers to create and preview their home design projects in a real-world environment,” said Alexey Sheremetyev, Planner 5D founder. Planner 5D also recently introduced an AI-driven floor plan recognition feature that turns a 2D floor plan into an interactive 3D interior design project to be used within the system. The company plans to add a smart furnishing feature that will render blueprints into fully furnished designs with just the click of a button.


Sheremetyev said Planner 5D looks and works like the Sims, a series of life simulation video games, allowing its users to select from more than 4,500 objects, including structural features such as windows, arches, doors and stairs; furniture such as sofas, beds, tables, chairs and rugs; kitchen and bathroom items; electrical appliances such as lights, video equipment and computers; and to exterior features such as paths, lawns, trees, plants, barbecues and swimming pools.


“It’s an easy-to-use home design tool, which allows anyone to create floor plans and interior designs in minutes without any specialist skills by using our powerful AI, VR and AR technologies,” he said. The company has a user base of 40 million people – primarily in the U.S., UK, Brazil, Russia, Belarus and Armenia – which has offered a trove of data about home renovation. “This allowed us to build a sophisticated AI assistant that can tailor recommendations based on a user’s family, needs, aspirations and style preferences,” Sheremetyev said.


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