Raising the bar: KOKET’s Bar Stool Collection

Published on : Monday, September 2, 2019

Although it didn’t start out this way, the kitchen has evolved into a cozy gathering space in most homes. Because of this, additional seating aside from the table is usually needed: enter the bar stool. These tall sleek chairs have become a popular kitchen staple because they don’t take up much space and allow people to mingle at eye-level in the kitchen. Adored US luxury décor brand KOKET offers several bar stool femme fatales that are sure to raise the bar in any kitchen!


Geisha bar stool

The Geisha bar stool take on the brand’s popular chair graces a room with the extravagance and poise of a Kyoto Geisha. The alluring design of the seat leads to modern and sleek, long polished brass legs, complementing the supple velvet upholstery fabric.


Mimi bar stool

Mimi bar stool is the sophisticated and flirty girl-next-door of bar stools. The modern curves of the upholstered seat are accentuated by long, curved sexy metal legs. Her feminine design will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen design.


Deliciosa bar stool

The Deliciosa bar stool’s exotic design is enhanced by the extravagant iridescent croc-print fabric. As the vivacious stepsister of the Delice barstool, the structured legs are finished in a gleaming gold leaf for a touch of decadence.


Delice bar stool

The exquisite confection of the Delice bar stool embraces you with its heavenly curves and luscious accents. More reserved than her exotic stepsister Deliciosa, her seemingly regular grey upholstery is delightfully textured and rests on sleek black lacquered legs.


Enchanted bar stool

One of the original bar stools in the KOKET collection, the Enchanted bar stool magically captures the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with its antique brass branch structure. The upholstered seat pops against the mesmerizing metal branches for a whimsical, statement kitchen bar stool.


Nessa bar stool

Classic in its silhouette, the lustrous curves of the Nessa bar stool complement those of the modern-day woman. Her design is accented by round buttons and detailed piping trails along the edges leading down to solid wood legs.


These upholstered beauties are the ultimate addition to a luxury kitchen and can come counter stool height as well.


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