Resource Celebrates 20th Anniversary and a promising future ahead

Published on : Monday, January 20, 2020

As Resource furniture embarks on their 20th Anniversary, they looks back on the first 20 years with the utmost gratitude — and keeping an eye towards the promising future ahead. To honor the longstanding commitments and culture of giving back, team Resource furniture is proud to announce the Give 2020 initiative.



The Give 2020 Initiative


As a show of their gratitude, every client who has purchased from their showrooms throughout the year will be now able to select from one of 20 charities, hand-selected by the employees of Resource Furniture, to receive $100 dollars in their name.


Throughout the year, Resource furniture will be announcing exciting anniversary events and programs to honor 20 years of innovative design, amazing clients, exceptional team members and invaluable partners. It’s our way of thanking their customers for supporting the brand through 20 incredible years in business.

“Cheers to 20 years. And here’s to many, many more years of revolutionizing form and redefining function.  For 20 years we have sourced only the finest, most innovative, and most technologically advanced living solutions available. The exclusive Resource collection is constantly evolving and expanding, always at the forefront of great design.”



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