Resource Furniture launches new showroom in Seattle

Published on : Friday, August 20, 2021

Resource Furniture, one of the leading providers of transforming, multi-purpose and space-maximizing furniture, is pleased to announce the launch of its showroom located in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Now open by appointment and to the public, this 3,000 square foot showroom features the most wall beds, for which the company is renowned, of any Resource Furniture showroom across the country outside of its New York City flagship. The Seattle showroom also grants access to new products such as a customizable wardrobe collection and the Giro transforming table and features a working design station and resource library for product customization, perfect for viewing floor plans, swatches, and materials to realize one’s design vision.

“We are thrilled to announce our new Seattle showroom, which has just opened its doors in the recently renovated Seattle Design Center,” says Resource Furniture Co-founder Ron Barth. “As the second-fastest-growing real estate market in the nation, and one of the leading cities for micro-housing developments, Seattle was a natural fit for Resource Furniture’s expansion. The city’s high cost of living and tight housing inventory has led to a multifamily housing boom. Our collection of transforming and multi-functional Italian furniture — from multipurpose wall beds to transforming tables and seating — is uniquely suited to multifamily and micro-projects, giving tenants the added comfort and flexibility of a two- or three-bedroom home while significantly maximizing the return on investment for developers.”

Seattle boasts many of the smallest micro-apartments in the United States, and the city consistently ranks among the top metro areas investing in high-density housing. Resource Furniture’s transforming pieces are a natural fit for all apartments, adding flexibility to a space of any size. Offering the most comprehensive collection of wall beds anywhere in North America, including wall beds with integrated sofas, sectionals, desks, dining tables, shelving, and modular storage systems, the Seattle showroom will help developers and design-enthusiasts alike realize new ways to maximize space. With endless customization potential and over 25 product lines to choose from, Resource Furniture will bring unmatched, Italian space-saving solutions to the Pacific Northwest region.

“Clients come to us from far and wide to add flexibility to their homes, whether that’s to add a hideaway home office for remote work, carving out extra sleeping accommodations for guests, or transforming a studio apartment to function more like a two-bedroom residence,” says Challie Stillman, Vice President of Sales and Design at Resource Furniture. “We offer unique, beautifully designed solutions that simply couldn’t be achieved with conventional, static furniture. Our transforming furniture isn’t just functional, it is designed with aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability in mind — every piece in our collection is built to last a lifetime.”

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