Reverie introduces a Dual Tilt adjustable base

Published on : Friday, September 28, 2018

Reverie reports it will deliver a new level of adjustability to its line-up at the Las Vegas Market with its Dual Tilt base that offers a tilt function to adjust the plane of your body so that either your head or your feet are elevated (like a seesaw).


The benefits of Dual Tilt include optimized blood flow as feet are elevated to allow for blood flow to the heart. The base also delivers True Zero Gravity, a lounge position ideal for reading, working and television viewing, described by many users as a superior substitute to a traditional recliner. The Dual Tilt Base will be showcased in Reverie’s Las Vegas showroom at B-922 in the World Market Center.


Dressed in an upscale charcoal gray fabric, the Dual Tilt Base shares the same cutting-edge electronics package as the Reverie 9T™, including wireless OLED remote, Bluetooth control, tapered wood 3-in-1 legs, ProGrip retention system and under-the-bed nightlight.


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