Sleep Number brings Climate 360: an outstanding invention

Published on : Monday, January 13, 2020

80% of Americans suffer from sleeping too hot or too cold. That’s why Sleep Number created the first bed in the world using advanced temperature technology to create your own ideal microclimate.



SleepIQ® technology offers personalized insights into your best sleep, optimizing the smart benefits of the bed and continually improving your restful time asleep — your SleepIQ® Score.



The NEW Climate360® smart bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support on each side to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.


Blissfully breathable

Advanced temperature balancing materials in the NEW Climate360® smart bed are up to 50% more breathable than an ordinary mattress, so you can both sleep cooler.


Adjustable comfort

Because 9 out of 10‡ couples prefer different mattress firmness, the NEW Climate360® smart bed lets you adjust each side to your ideal firmness, comfort and support — your Sleep Number® setting.


Also, Sleep peacefully together. Partner Snore™ technology lets you gently raise your partner’s head to help relieve mild snoring.


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