Sunbrella creates a forest canopy showcase at Stockholm

Published on : Friday, September 28, 2018

During the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair running from February 7 to 11, Paris-based designer Élise Fouin has created a walk-through forest canopy for Sunbrella, the indoor and outdoor fabrics brand. The surprising setting looks like an undulating canopy of rainbow, and invites visitors to experience the array of colours created by the fabric circles.


Recognised for being resistant to fading even after exposure to the sun, moon and water, Sunbrella fabrics have always enjoyed a harmonious relationship with nature. It was at nature’s highpoint – a forest canopy composed of a mosaic of colours available in the Sunbrella fabric range – that Élise Fouin chose to showcase the latest Sunbrella collection.


Fouin explains, “The canopy is the forest’s top layer – a point exposed to the extremes of nature, such the sun and rain, just like the brand’s fabrics. Visually, I wanted to reference the lush leafiness below the canopy and to contrast it with its smoother outer forms, like a forest seen from above. It immerses visitors in a world of sounds and senses in which the dazzling colours of the textiles, in shades ranging from earth red to subtle hues of green and blue, play a central role. We also work with the light that filters through this canopy and gives prominence to the finish of these textured fabrics.”


The Sunbrella Indoor Outdoor 2015-2017 collection is available in 12 qualities in a new range of original “textured materials”. Available in stylised patterns, bold stripes or refined Jacquard designs, these fabrics enjoy elegant, graphic or surprising weaves. The colours play on the contrast between natural linens, powered pastels, blended greys, and stronger tints.


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