Talalay announces launching of direct-to-consumer website

Published on : Monday, September 9, 2019

Talalay Global recently announced that it has launched a direct-to-consumer website for direct sales of it’s newly designed “Juvea” line. The official site of Juvea, not only accepts orders from consumers, but also is home to a wealth of information about sleep and the importance of having a comfortable, supportive pillow. It will also help consumers make a choice of pillow after going through a four-question quiz on preference and sleeping style.


Designed to include both lifestyle and detailed product photography, the website offers consumers a comprehensive look at the Juvea brand and the benefits of latex.


The website also outlines the type of latex used in Juvea pillows (100 percent natural latex sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensi tree) and explains the proprietary Talalay latex productions process. Pillows are washed during a five-step finishing process that gently removes allergen proteins.


To keep consumers engaged, the Juvea website features a Sleep Better blog that highlights sleep hygiene, partner sleeping and the benefits of a good night’s sleep.


The site offers pillows with three types of covers – cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and a cooling fabric for those who sleep hot. Each model is available in low and high lofts for stomach and side sleepers, respectively, and there’s also a version with ComforFill™ latex for a down-like experience.


Source: Furniture World


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