UNITERS adopts diversified marketing strategy amidst COVID-19 crisis

Published on : Monday, March 30, 2020

As the business world is fighting uncertain economic condition caused by the outbreak of novel coronavirus, team UNITERS introduces furniture sanitizers, a diversified concept to remain in business and continue functioning while most of the other non-essential shops are requested to remain closed. The concept of diversification is one of the best ways to survive amidst growing uncertainties and economic conditions faced by the business world since the outbreak.



UNITERS recently declared that they will come forward to assist in residing a germ free and healthy life at home as they are introducing revolutionised furniture sanitizing products. This will team customers to take care of their furniture – and the rest of their home environments. “At UNITERS, particularly in the United States, we are well-known for our Leather Master line of cleaning and protection products”, said Gordian Tork, Chairman of The UNITERS Group. “However, throughout the world, we have developed a wide array of cleaning and sanitizing products for a variety of business channels, including aviation, automotive, luxury leather goods, hospitality and other services industries, just to name a few. So, developing these types of products is nothing new for us.”



At the UNITERS Product Research Center, based in Montecchio, Maggiore Italy, the company is stepping up quickly to find ways to participate in providing solutions during this time of medical crisis. “While the entirety of Italy has completely shut down, including all companies and stores, UNITERS has been given special dispensation to remain operational” said Tork. “We are producing various cleaning products for the hospitals there and are providing sanitizers for them to use throughout their facilities free of charge. It is one important way that we can give back to our home community and provide our team members a safe place to work and provide for their families during this unprecedented time.”



UNITERS is ramping up development and production to create products that will be impactful for their home furnishings industry partners and their consumers. The best-selling SOS Kit now offers exceptional solutions for care and protection for a variety of furniture, however a new addition to the assortment will be a sanitizer to further clean furniture to protect against harmful germs within the home environment. The ‘new normal’ for work and social interaction will be something much different once this time period has passed. The home furnishings industry needs to be ready for this new reality and partner with the right company to help them take advantage of the opportunities that this will create.



“Our focus now is to work to develop even more cleaning and sanitizing products as quickly as we can for use throughout the United States”, continued Tork. “We have delivered the first quantities and recognize that we need to increase our production. Additionally, our talented team is working non-stop now to create new ideas on how we can be an important partner in a variety of industries to provide consumers with a safe place to live, work and play through our expertise and successful history of product development. I also see a big opportunity to improve the quality of the individual hand-sanitizers that we have access to today. What is offered now can be greatly improved, and UNITERS is the perfect company to take on this challenge.”




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