Wesley Allen explores new opportunities with American support

Published on : Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19, novel coronavirus has paralyzed the Asian supply chain market. To cope up with the struggling environment, iron bed and dinning set makers, Wesley Allen is now out sourcing the production process to US and is happy to delivery products without any disruption.



“The worldwide crisis of the coronavirus has disrupted business flow globally,” the company said in an email to its customers. “Fewer cargo ships from China are docking at ports, and many factories located in China have stopped or slowed production. … Wesley Allen is proud to say 80% of our products are produced in the U.S. We have been running a vertical operation for more than 43 years. Wesley Allen can and will continue to delivery our great products. With no disruptions.”


The February 28 email blast followed a recent presentation that one of the company’s sales reps had at an upper-end dealer. Before the presentation, the dealer reportedly let the sales staff in attendance know that several of its key vendors were delaying some deliveries expected from Asia in March or April to as late as August.


That said, the rep started to tout Wesley Allen’s domestic capabilities. According to company President Victor Sawan, he ended up speaking about the line and answering questions for about an hour and a half, far longer than the rep originally intended.


“They wouldn’t let him go,” Sawan said of the rep’s presentation. This created an opportunity for Wesley Allen to tell its story to more of the industry at large. “We always mention made in the U.S., but we don’t make such a big deal of it,” he said. “On this particular day, it created a big opening, so we made a big deal about it.”




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