Whitney Brothers debut Superbright LED Creative Cube

Published on : Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Whitney Brothers, an award winning furniture brand for children recently launched the Superbright LED Creative Cube, an inventive combination of an LED light table mounted atop a play house cube that yields substantial savings in space for two products commonly found in Early Learning environments around the world.

The product also includes an exclusive feature: An illuminated image of a brilliant sunlit forest canopy printed on the underside of the light table that transforms the cube interior into a tranquil, calming environment away from the hectic swirl of the classroom and also provides light for quiet reading. Direct printing is an exclusive capability of Whitney Brothers® and the forest canopy image in the Superbright LED Creative Cube coordinates with all other pieces in the company’s award-winning Nature View

Collection, the first biophilia-inspired furniture line designed for Early Learning environments.

The light table features an advanced new LED lighting system, 30.5″H play surface, a power cord with an on/off toggle switch and UL Listing for use in Canada and the US. The cube includes a green vinyl floor pad and satisfies every state requirement for a quiet space in Early Learning environments without restricting visibility of the child inside for adult supervision.

“Our resolute goal is to design educational furniture that helps foster a child’s engagement to their learning environment,” said Mike Jablonski, president of Whitney Brothers. “The Superbright LED Creative Cube will delight and inspire children to learn, explore, discover and play, and we feel the product elegantly illustrates the fresh design thinking that distinguishes our brand.”

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